Breathe Easier in a Home You Know is Radon-Free

A knowledgeable radon inspector in Poughkeepsie, NY can test your air

You want to feel safe in your home. If your indoor air is contaminated with radon gas, your health could be at risk. This odorless, tasteless, radioactive gas often becomes trapped in homes. Ongoing exposure can lead to lung cancer in children and adults.

If you suspect your home has radon issues, it's time to hire a radon inspector from Radon Reduction Professional in Poughkeepsie, NY. We offer radon inspection and radon mitigation services. If your home has high levels of radon, we won't just find out about the problem, we'll remove it.

Routine radon inspections could keep you from getting sick

You might think that you're safe from radon exposure, but you can't be sure without an inspection. It's important to arrange for radon testing services when:

You're buying a new home

You're buying a new home

You're selling your home

You're selling your home

You've never had a radon inspection

You've never had a radon inspection

Call 845-392-5142 now to learn more about our radon inspection services.

Choose a professional, responsible inspector

When you need radon inspection services, you want to work with an inspector you can trust. Radon Reduction Professional provides efficient, minimally invasive service. You'll get affordable rates from a certified inspector. We're passionate about keeping area families safe from the harmful effects of radon. That's why we give every job our full attention. Plus, you'll get a free estimate on mitigation services when you schedule an inspection.

Meet with a dedicated radon inspector from Radon Reduction Professional today. We serve Poughkeepsie, NY and areas within a 100-mile radius.


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