What is Radon?

Anyone Could Have a Radon Issue-Even You

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You may know that radon is dangerous, but what exactly is it? Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless, meaning that you could have a radon problem and not even know it. That's why getting a radon inspection done by Radon Reduction Professional in Poughkeepsie, NY is so important.

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Radon can accumulate in your home

Radon can accumulate in your home

So, how does this dangerous gas get into your home? It can enter homes through cracks, holes or other openings. This issue becomes worse through the "stack effect."

When your indoor air is a different temperature from the outdoor air, the difference in air pressure can draw radon up from the soil and into your house. This makes radon inspection especially important during the winter months when heaters are used. Just keep in mind that you could have radon in your home at any time of year, so it's important to schedule routine inspections.

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